The Parish Council meets once each month except in December; the schedule of meetings is shown below. From January 2018 the council will meet regularly on the third Monday of each month except December.  Until then and for the remainder of 2017, the meetings will be Tuesday 19th September, Wednesday 18th October, Wednesday 15th November.

Meetings of the Planning Committee are held when required, depending on the frequency of applications notified to the Parish Council by the Local Planning Authority (Bromsgrove District Council).

Three Working Parties have been formed to consider different aspects of the Parish Council’s remit, and include working parties for Environment, for Finance and for the Village Team.  Terms of Reference for each can be found under the Policies and Governance tab.

You are browsing Agendas and Minutes for the year 2018

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Meeting DateMeeting TypeAgendaMinutes
Mon 19th Nov, 2018Ordinary Parish Council
Tue 16th Oct, 2018Staffing Committee Download
Mon 15th Oct, 2018Ordinary Parish Council Download
Mon 8th Oct, 2018Finance Committee Download Download
Thu 20th Sep, 2018Environment Committee Download Download
Mon 17th Sep, 2018Ordinary Parish Council Download Download
Tue 28th Aug, 2018Ordinary Parish Council Download Download
Thu 16th Aug, 2018Planning Committee Download Download
Mon 16th Jul, 2018Ordinary Parish Council Download Download
Mon 9th Jul, 2018Finance Committee Download Download
Mon 25th Jun, 2018Planning Committee Download Download
Mon 18th Jun, 2018Ordinary Parish Council Download Download
Mon 11th Jun, 2018Environment Committee Download Download
Mon 21st May, 2018Annual Parish Council Download Download
Tue 1st May, 2018Planning Committee, at 80 Hewell Road Download Download
Thu 26th Apr, 2018ANNUAL PARISH MEETING Download Download
Mon 16th Apr, 2018Ordinary Parish Council Download Download
Wed 4th Apr, 2018Planning Committee Download Download
Mon 19th Mar, 2018Ordinary Parish Council Download Download
Thu 8th Mar, 2018Planning Committee Download Download
Mon 19th Feb, 2018Ordinary Parish Council Download Download
Wed 31st Jan, 2018Planning Committee meeting Download Download
Mon 15th Jan, 2018Ordinary Parish Council Download Download