As a statutory body, the Parish Council must act in accordance with specific law relating to local authorities.  To do this it helps to have some form of established procedure and corporate ‘memory’ to guide the council towards making good, transparent decisions within the local authority structure.

Documents used by the Parish Council to establish procedure and direct standards include the following:

BGPC Standing Orders 2018 approved 2018-05-21

Financial Regulations amended 2017-05

Members Code of Conduct, July 2012

Scheme of Delegation to EO and Committees 2018-07-16

Other policies include the following:

Balances and Reserves Policy 2018-07-16

BGPC GDPR DataProtection Policy 2018,v2

BGPC GDPR Email Contact Privacy Notice

Child Protection Policy 16-02-03

Co-option procedure 2017-09

Complaints procedure 18-04-16 Complaints procedure form

Equal Opportunities Policy revised 1702

Freedom of Information policy

Grant awarding policy from 2016-11


Press Media and Social Media policy amended, 2018-07

Publication Scheme 2017-05

Training Policy