This page gives you access to the Parish Council’s recent Annual Returns.
These are audited by the External Auditor, now PKF Littlejohn LLP

2017/18 Annual Return documents

Notice of conclusion of Audit for 2017/18: NOTICE OF CONCLUSION OF AUDIT 2017-18

Audited Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2017-18: AGAR audited 2018-09-04

The asset register as at 31/03/2018 is here: AssetRegister2018-03-31


2016/17 Annual Return documents:

Notice of conclusion of Audit for 2016/17: NOTICE OF CONCLUSION OF AUDIT 2016-17

Annual Report for 2016/17 including External Auditor’s report: Annual Return 2016-17, Audited

The asset register as at 31/03/2017 is here: Asset Register as at 2017-03-31


2015/16 Annual Return documents:

The Notice of Conclusion of Audit has been published 3rd August 2016: Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2015-16

The audited Annual Return, with comments by the external auditor, can be seen here: Audited Annual Return 2015-16

The asset register is a list of all the council’s assets up to the end of the last financial year: Asset Register to 2016-03-31


2014/15 Annual Return documents:



The 2014/15 Annual Return has been signed off by the external auditor, Grant Thornton, appointed by the Audit Commission.  A copy is also available from the Parish Council office.

Asset Register: a list of the assets held by the Parish Council as at 31/03/2015

Asset Register 150319