Message received from Network Rail, Wednesday 26th October 2016:

Starting today, 26th October, ABC will be installing HV and LV cable ducting in Platforms 1 and 2 at Barnt Green Station.  The Platforms are due to be handed back to London Midland and back in operational service on 7th November.

Both Platforms (1 & 2) have had entry/exit routes closed to prevent unauthorised passenger access to the site.  The footbridge remains open to the public and allows access to platform 3 from either Fiery Hill Road entrance or from the station car park.

The worksite is demarcated by temporary Heras fencing complete with the usual warning signage.  The shelter at the bottom of the footbridge stairs, on Platform 2/3 remains available for use, as the fencing is located behind the shelter.  Passengers cannot gain unauthorised access to platform 2 from the footbridge.  The pedestrian access from Hewell Lane (OBr 111) onto Platform 2 has been temporarily closed to prevent unauthorised access to the south end of the station.

The actual works involve installing HV and LV cable ducts in Platform 2 and LV ducts in Platform 1.  It is intended that all work takes place during the day, between 08:00 and 17:00hrs.  There is the possibility that ABC may decide to work extra shifts at night depending on progress in the first days of the work.

ABC will be using petrol-driven saws (“Stihl Saw”) to cut the top surface of the platforms.  Excavation will be done using a mini digger and the spoil emptied into a mini digger.  Noise will be kept to a minimum as much as possible – albeit this is a construction worksite.  Once the ducting is installed, the trenches will be backfilled and a temporary “tarmac” surface will complete the work.  ABC will be taking particular care to ensure the surface is safe and even to prevent accidental slips, tips and falls.  The platforms will be completely resurfaced at a later point in the overall programme.

ABC has set up a temporary compound in the station car park in the 10-space bay at the top of Station Approach.  This is demarcated by Heras Fencing, has a locked gate and 24/7 security.  Additionally, ABC has a temporary welfare unit located in the “drop off” parking bays on Fiery Hill Road.  This is to ensure there are adequate facilities for the number of contractor personnel.  Compound locations have been agreed with London Midland and the local council.  There is a traffic management plan in place.

Ian Coleman

Scheme Project Manager

Infrastructure Projects Central Electrification