SmartWater – Have you Registered yet?

Live in the Barnt Green?

Have you registered for your free SmartWater kit yet?

As part of a recent drive to protect our community, we have joined forces with West Mercia Police ‘We Don’t Buy Crime’ Team to provide a SmartWater kit for each home within our parish.

SmartWater is a sophisticated security system that protects property, deters thieves and helps the police to convict criminals that can be directly applied to valuables.

SmartWater contains a unique forensic code that is registered to an address or location. Anything marked can be traced back to where it came from, allowing the police to identify stolen property and link criminals to crime scenes.

SmartWater is invisible in natural light but glows brightly under ultraviolet (UV) light.

To register for a free kit

Please pop in to Barnt Green Parish Council Office, on Monday 1pm – 3pm and Tuesday – Wednesday 11am – 2pm to register for your free kit