Sajid Javid wants to telephone you …

Image of Sajid Javid MP

Sajid Javid MP

Bromsgrove’s local MP, Sajid Javid, will be holding the UK’s first Parliamentary TeleForum, ‘Tell Sajid’, on 26th November at 7pm. The TeleForum will allow constituents to sign up for a free phone call from their MP, during which they will have the option to ask questions, or simply sit back and listen to the discussion.

The cutting edge technology, already widely used in the USA, will allow all registered callers to listen in to and take part in a single live, interactive phone call – simply by answering their phone at 7pm on 26th November. It will be the first time that the technology is used in the UK by a Member of Parliament to contact their constituents.

Sajid Javid commented;

‘I’m really excited about this new way of keeping in touch with Bromsgrove constituents. I know that coming along to a public meeting can be difficult to fit in for many people.

Instead, this brilliant new technology will allow us to have effectively a virtual public meeting. You can listen in at home, on a break at work, or on Handsfree in the car. If you have any questions about what I’m saying, you will then have the option to speak to me directly.

I hope as many constituents as possible will sign up for this great and entirely free opportunity. Please register at my TeleForum page now to receive my phone call on 26th November at 7pm’.

To sign up for the free phone call, constituents will need to register first at the following website address: