CCTV message from local police team

CCTV, can I use it? Do need it?

There a number of ways in which you can help improve the security of your home and property. You may wish to consider purchasing a CCTV system. CCTV can help deter, detect and identify criminals.

CCTV can be an effective tool. It can discourage anti-social behaviour and reduce crime because offenders do not want to be caught on camera.

The first thing you need to consider is if you really do need CCTV. In the first instance you may wish to consider looking at other, less costly ways to improve the security of your home before considering purchasing a good quality CCTV system.

If you own the property then it is perfectly legal to install CCTV to protect your property against intruders and trespassers. However, you cannot put cameras up on other peoples property without their consent.

Whilst it is lawful for you to monitor your own property for security purposes, you should however make sure that your field of view does not extend beyond your boundaries or focused on adjacent private areas.

For more information visit the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) website: for their CCTV codes of practice document. You can also phone the ICO helpline on 0303 123 1113, the helpline is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Published by PSCO 6715 HYDER