Barnt Green is open for business

Despite the road closure, the shops in Barnt Green are open and ready for business as usual.

The road under the railway bridge near to Bittell Road, Fiery Hill Road and Kendal End Road is closed at that junction to all traffic, including to pedestrians.

The developers of the new housing site are working to install a footway between Kendal End Road and Fiery Hill Road so that pedestrians can use the bridge at the railway station to get into/out of Barnt Green village.  Vehicle drivers will need to follow the diversion signs – the official diversion from Rednal is either via Groveley Lane, A441, Bittell Road or via Rose Hill, Twatling Road, Fiery Hill Road, Hewell Lane.

All drivers are asked to add extra time to their journeys and to observe the speed limits – which vary between 20mph along Hewell Road in Barnt Green village centre, 30mph along all other roads except for Bittell Road between Barnt Green and Alvechurch (40mph), Rose Hill (40mph) and the A441 (40mph through Hopwood, 50mph in places either side of Hopwood).

Information is available from Worcestershire County Council for live roadworks updates –

and from Worcestershire County Council for bus timetables and changes –

The works being carried out require a temporary road closure to allow for the pavement on the north side of Bittell Road, the road under the railway bridge, to be moved to the south side of the road; this was a requirement of the planning consent for the Cala Homes development.  At the same time, major infrastructure improvements are being carried out for water, gas and telephone services which the parish council is hoping will mean this part of the road should not have to be closed again for the foreseeable future.

The road closure is expect to last until March 2017.