Does work make you happy?


I work for a documentary production company called The Garden. We make popular and well-respected TV documentaries like 24 Hours in A&E on Channel 4 and Inside Claridge’s on BBC Two.

I’m getting in touch with you about a new series we’re producing which will be presented by Anne Robinson.

Following on from her hugely successful series on BBC1 ‘Britain’s Spending Secrets’, Anne now wants to explore the world of work by speaking to lots of different people in different careers to try and answer the question ‘Does work make you happy?’. Anne will meet a diverse group individuals with varying careers from nurses to millionaires, bin men to bankers and explore the link between work and happiness/our attitudes to work and happiness.

We are in the early stages of casting and would love to hear from people who might want to take part in the programme and speak to Anne about their career. What is the secret to a happy working life? Is everyone paid what they  are worth? Maybe you know someone who loves their job? Or loathes it? Do you have an interesting, unique or dangerous job?AnneRobinsonJob

We would really appreciate your help spreading the word and would love to hear from anyone interested in this opportunity. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions. Our email address is  and our phone number is 0207 261 1252.